Join the CIA

  • The next populist leader could be assassinated[A] by a person of color.
  • The next civil rights movement could be infiltrated and sabotaged[B] by a single mother.
  • The next fascist puppet dictator[C][D] could be violently installed[E][F][G] by someone with imposter syndrome.
  • The next Nazi collaborators could be recruited[H] by a trans woman.
  • The next generation of unwitting Americans could be drugged, raped, and tortured[I] by an LGBTQ ally.
  • The next lie to congress[J] about how we illegally spied on them[K] over reports of our torture practices[L] could be told by someone with a pride flag lanyard.
  • The next Iran Contra could be orchestrated by a differently-abled person from a low-income neighborhood.